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This Wiki is dedicated to the projects of Bimini Road, an amateur game making and distribution circle.


Looking for Shadowtext's March 2009 Dungeons and Dragons campaign, Road to Bimini? Go here.


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Bimini Road General Information

Current or Upcoming Projects

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Welcome to the new Wiki for Bimini Road! To edit the Wiki, just log in with any name (you don't have to register) and put in the Wiki password (ask in #rm2k_anime if need be). Then just go to the page you want and press the "Edit" button at the top of each page. You'll automatically go to an edit page for any page that doesn't exist yet, as well. 


If you wish to add a new page to the table of contents, or rename any of the links, just go ahead. Note that to rename a page that's already been made, you'll have to actually delete it and then copy the information to a new page with a different name. 


If you would like to add entries for your own individual games, go ahead. If you've been given access to the Wiki, you're almost certainly either a member of Bimini Road or a "Friend of Bimini Road" so to speak, so it's not a problem.


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